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Kite: Please excuse me for time being. I probably won’t be on until Monday since I’ve been so busy with Easter stuff. Sorry, I have a big family and my grandma likes to go wild with holidays.

Thanks for waiting! 

By nonkal


commission i got from apollo-san @ dA

(hi im ed and i spend $$$ on art of my husband)


.|| V ɩ ƅ ʀ α и τ ♛ W σ ʀ ʟ ∂ ||.

you covered my left eye, and the view I saw from my right
was as through a kaleidoscope
. I couldn’t breathe

not because I was taken away by the sight, but because the
nauseating burst of colour that freed me from my world of

black & white… and your rough, burning kiss…
reminded me that I was alive


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Hello ladies and gents! And welcome tooooooo….. Missunstablewillgraham’s super amazing giveaway! It’s a digital one, something I can deliver over the net. (I’ll do an actual physical one sometime in the future. uwu) But enough of me talking, you probably are curious about Prizes?


1ST- An animation to whatever you like! It’ll be a short one, but an animation none-the-less! It can be to music or any audio of your choice. You also get 1 print, 2 sprites, and because I am a voice actress, you can have 1 recording of your choosing!

2ND- A Sprite, an icon, and a recording of your choosing! OR 1 print! 

3RD-  you can choose between a sprite, an icon, or a recording.

Now with cool prizes come simple rules… boom!


- NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS OR SIDE BLOGS, I will be checking!

- KEEP YOUR ASK OPEN. PLEASE. And be checking it! If I cannot communicate with you, how can I give you your prizes? :P

- reblogs and likes count. You may reblog as many times as you like, as long as you don’t annoy your followers.

Winners will be picked using a random number generator

Annnnd that’s it I guess! This giveaway ends on May 19th at 12 AM PST.

Have fun!


Source: ラビ贔屓のDグレ詰め④ | koriki [pixiv]

Pixiv ID: 42700207
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A L L E N  W A L K E R



A post with as much useful information I could conjure up about how to get started with roleplaying if you’re new to it. You’ll have to excuse any typos and if I’ve forgotten something as I didn’t make this post on my best day.

  1. What is a roleplay?
  2. Words you need to know
  3. Finding your character
  4. Creating your blog
  5. Finding your writing style
  6. Getting started

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Listen to this song while you read the comic, trust me. Just trust me, It makes it funnier.


imagine kanda at a poetry slam

That would be so bad

He’d probably get really grumbly and embarrassed about his really nice and rhythmic poem, even if it was a Haiku

Kite: No one told me Yato almost dies in Noragami, nor how emotional this was going to get.

I’m on episode 10 and I haven’t gotten THIS emotionally attacked so quick in a anime before.

Why- Why does all the characters I love have to be so broken and hopeless? Stricken with self imposed morals and rules that they aren’t allowed to break? They almost always seek self distraction or walk towards death, futile in their battle to retain what humanity they have left?

It’s just so… painful

I didn’t expect any of this